Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock

Designed for the modern battlefield, the sleek profile is optimized for use with body armor or modular gear.

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The world’s most shootable flash hider; 99% muzzle flash reduction, eliminates muzzle rise, mounting adapter for all SOCOM series suppressors.

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Introducing the MAWL-C1+, the world’s first commercially available infrared and visible green laser aiming device using Class 1+ technology

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Born of the idea that professionals’ lives depend on the quality and effectiveness of their firearms and tactical gear, ODS began operations with the goal of being the most informed subject matter experts in the industry. We offer the best military gear for sale as well as law enforcement gear, and we won't sell products unless we've used them ourselves out in the field.

We believe there is no other special operations equipment or police tactical gear store quite like ODS. We're a small family-run business rooted in the SF community with an abundance of both relevant training experience and real world combat deployments. We are aware of the risks involved in being out there on the front lines because we've been there. The products and advice we offer are grounded in knowing the importance of being able to effectively deal with the most demanding environments and situations.

Shop here with confidence that we offer not only the best in quality but the most reasonable cost on the products you trust your life to. We've got you covered!