Operational Detachment Source, LLC
Equipping The Professional

Vass, NC 28394

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple, but without the proper knowledge and experience can be impossible to achieve.

Get the best possible firearms and equipment into the hands of the professional end user for the lowest price.

At ODS we have an abundance of real world experience working with these products, both in combat deployments and relevant training scenarios. We carry items which perform in the most demanding situations and environments. ODS will not sell you something unless we ourselves would use it operationally.

Quality does not have to break the bank either. In this industry the phrase, you get what you pay for, rings true more often than not. At ODS we will help you get what you need by making sure we provide you the lowest price available. We will never price gouge during times of high demand.

Too often a person goes into a gun store asking for advice, and instead of solid facts born of real world experience and testing, the customer receives hearsay or internet fallacies. We will not mislead our customers because we know the risks involved in their given profession. If we don’t know about a product, we will do our due diligence to supply you with what you need.

Brief History:

Our roots are in the Special Forces community. ODS is a small family business that is active SOF owned. We saw a need in the industry for a SME (Subject Matter Expert) operated gun and gear shop where anyone could trust the research had been done before selling items to people who trust their lives to that product.

The idea for ODS was born during downtime of a 2015 deployment to Iraq, and it began to grow into a reality through 2016, as we worked with other industry partners. As we continue to grow we will expand our catalog with more high quality relevant products.

We offer a Special Operations Pro Deal, contact us at info@opdsource.com for more information.

For Department, or Unit inquiries contact specialcontracts@opdsource.com