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Top Tactical Gear Brands

In order to become one of the best among tactical gear companies out there, we knew we would have to offer only the top tactical gear brands. Through our Special Operations service, we have formed relationships with some of the most esteemed arms manufacturers representing both military brands as well as the type of equipment favored by law enforcement organizations worldwide. Our mission has always been to get the best equipment and firearms into the hands of professionals who depend on these items – and to do it at the lowest cost possible. And that’s exactly what we’re offering here.

When it comes to rifles, choose from top-name manufacturers like Daniels Defense, FN America, Hodge Defense Systems and Knights Armament. You'll also find lowers, uppers and other parts from ZEV. Our favored handgun makers include Glock, FN America, Heckler & Koch (H&K) and Smith & Wesson.

We carry Raven Concealment Systems, magazines from MAGPUL, optics from Leupold, Aimpoint and Trijicon, and a variety of parts and accessories from various top-quality manufacturers. Shop here for the best!