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Top-Quality Nighthawk Custom Pistols

Nighthawk custom pistols have a strong reputation in the professional firearms field because each gun is created from start to finish by an individual gunsmith to the highest standards possible. At OPDSource, we're proud to offer Nighthawk arms for sale at an excellent price point. These pistols are great for firearms enthusiasts looking for a solid home defense weapon or basic-but-powerful new option for the gun range.

Each of these handcrafted pistols offers an excellent balance of appearance and function to suit even the pickiest shooter. Nighthawk has evaluated every aspect of design from weight to accuracy and appearance to ensure that every weapon leaving its factory represents the best in modern American gun design.

The manufacturer crafts a wide range of firearms, including the Nighthawk Custom 1911, GRP and Shadow Hawk. Each weapon is manufactured in the U.S. by experienced gunsmiths. These guns are a great choice if you're looking for a weapon that looks and feels like a government-standard issue. Here at OPDSource, we’ve got Special Operations experience and look forward to helping you decide which option suits your needs best.

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