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Intermediate Assault Rifle Course

Intermediate Assault Rifle Course

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The Presscheck Consulting Intermediate rifle course is designed to equip patrol and tactical officers with the skills to apply accurate rifle fire in critical situations at varying distances and from various positions.

This 20 hour course stresses the importance of applying offset and holds at various distances and angles to ensure proper point of impact. Various techniques of supporting the rifle to mitigate recoil and stabilize the reticle for proper shot placement.

Training Objectives
  • Provide comprehensive safety briefing discussing the practical application of the 4 firearms safety rules in the real world
  • Definition reviews of Internal, External, and Terminal ballistics, including 100, 200, and 300 yard zero.
  • Zero/confirm zero on all sights.
  • Provide students/officers a chance to have their shooting techniques observed by the trainer in order to provide that student/officer with individual feedback on ways to improve performance in accuracy and speed
  • Engagement of low percentage targets (small strike area often obscured with a hostage or other no-shoot area) from various distances while applying proper hold offs.
  • Shooting moving targets while applying leads (if class progression allows)
  • Shooting on the move (if class progression allows)
  • Drills used to demonstrate POI deviation when cant is applied to the rifle.
  • The student will understand the importance of critical hits and the consequences of a miss, and will be able to diagnose if they are capable of achieving hits at any given moment based upon pre-shot diagnostics of their sights in real time, the hold off of their reticle based upon target distance AND body position and cant of the weapon.
  • This course will enable the student to continue to develop and maintain these skills through the use of clear, repeatable standards.

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