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Tactical Armor Plates for Vests

Buy body armor plates here at OPDSource for a level of quality above all the rest. These plates use a ceramic/poly ballistic composition that allows them to be strong yet thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear when compared to traditional steel plates. When deciding what to put between yourself and a potential bullet, lightweight ballistic plates strong enough to do the job yet comfortable enough to wear for long stretches without being too cumbersome are definitely the way to go. Our AT Tactical Plate Armor provides protection at threat level IV, which is the highest rating given to any personal plate body armor.

The ATSC Level IV armor single-curve plates, weighing in at 7.8 lbs and sized 10" x 12", can stand up to .30 cal armor-piercing rounds, even standing alone with no backing. This mid-weight option is for users without high frequency or duration of use. The 1/2-inch thick, single-curve S.T.O.P. (Special Threat Optimized Plate) armor featured here defeats threats from M193, M855 and 7.62x39 (mild steel core) ammo. Delivered in sets of two plates, multi-curve plates are also available in multiple SAPA sizes. Ceramic armor plates for vest use allow for more fitting options because of their small, thin sizes. Place your order here for excellence and protection when you need it most.