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Indispensable Tactical Gear You Should Always Carry

Life is full of uncertainty, and dangerous situations can arise any time, anywhere - especially when you’re in the field. Don’t be that unprepared person who has to improvise when your moment of truth comes along. You know anything can happen - and having the right tactical gear for whatever the situation may be (law enforcement, military and personal defense professionals) could save your life, as well as others’.

Any properly trained armed professional knows the acquisition of tactical gear alone is not enough to learn personal defense or survive in challenging conditions. Getting ready for these situations means you need to familiarize yourself with your equipment, learn all the features and practice using them in a variety of situations so it becomes second nature when the time comes for action.

As a team of experts here at Operational Detachment Source, we run a store for military, law enforcement and defense professional personnel, and we’ve taken time to evaluate a lot of high-quality, duty-grade tactical gear over the years. This evaluation has been both to assess their practicality when used under demanding circumstances as well as to recommend the best of them to our clients - professionals and civilians alike - who may need guidance on how to properly prepare themselves. From firearm accessories to load carrying kits, clothing, shoes, firearms and more, you can trust OPDSource to carry a carefully selected range of tactical gear that will meet your needs, whatever situation may arise.

Keep in mind that everything you wear - and where it’s placed on your body - should have a specific purpose and design. Your ultimate goal should be preparedness while also finding comfortable wear, movement and access to all your gear. So, without further ado, here are our recommendations on the must-have tactical gear you should always carry with you:

Fixed-Blade Knives

Unlike folding blade knives, which are mostly known for their compact size and convenience, these fixed-blade Winkler knives do not fold or have any moving parts. Rather, they are solid and strong and available in various sizes, so you can find that perfect fit right in your pocket. Winkler knives were developed by a U.S. Navy Seal and a U.S Army Special Ops retiree, so they’re made with the knowledge of what you’ll need most. These super-sharp knives are great for a variety of both tactical and utility uses; from survival in the wilderness to pencil sharpening, self-defense to wood carving, the list goes on. Carry one of these with you, and you’ll have a top-of-the-line tool at your disposal.

Flash Lights

Good visibility is key to staying safe in dangerous circumstances. And what better way to get great illumination than with a powerful, top-grade tactical flashlight? The flashlights available with OPDSource have been designed for use in law enforcement and military applications, so it’s no surprise that their rugged build houses high-output LED technology rated at up to 600 lumens. These flashlights are ideal for a number of applications, such as camping, touring, law enforcement practice and more. A robust flashlight can handle anything and will illuminate your way with total ease. Carrying one is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity and a proper safety measure.


Carrying a firearm with you every day is about more than having a gun everywhere you go. Carrying should always be done safely, comfortably and, when possible, discreetly. Unless you’re in law enforcement or in the armed forces, it’s probably a rare occasion that you need to draw your gun. If you do, you’ll want to have a reliable, well-designed holster that won’t restrict your movement or feel unnatural to wear. These holsters represent a wide selection of brands with options for open carry, concealed, inside/outside the waistband and tactical designs. Whether you’re at gun practice with your buddies, training for a competition or just like to live prepared, holding a firearm in one of these will make sure your gun is easily reachable, safely tucked away and ready for immediate use.


Finally, mobility also means preparedness. And because many aspects of law enforcement/military duty require being constantly on the move, a comfortable and reliable pair of footwear is a must. Fortunately, since the boots you’ll find here aren’t restricted exclusively to armed force,; civilians can also enjoy the many benefits of tactical footwear. Lightness, proper ankle support, durability, comfort and weatherproofing are just a few of the advantages of investing in tactical footwear. And when you have these on, you’ll feel ready for the elements and ruggedness of the field, whatever it may throw at you.

When you’re in the field, you’re only as good as the gear backing you up - so make sure it’s of high quality so you stay safe, no matter what life throws your way. You can always rely on Operational Detachment Source for the best tactical gear anywhere.